Earthquake Evacuation

In a Moving Train

When an earthquake occurs while the train is running, do not panic, and immediately protect your head with the items around you, and evacuate on the spot. If the train shakes violently, please hold on to the handrails or squat down on the spot to avoid injury caused by an unstable center of gravity and a fall.

In the event of a severe earthquake, the train may not be able to run immediately. It is necessary to wait for relevant personnel to check whether the track and other facilities are safe and sound. Please wait patiently. If the disaster is serious and you need to evacuate, please keep calm, follow the route guided by the transport personnel, and evacuate to a safe place.

In a Station

Immediately protect your head, do not stand under hanging objects or light steel frame ceilings, do not take elevators, and seek as firm cover as possible. If there is a need to evacuate, please remain calm, follow the guidance of the station staff, and evacuate to a safe place.

On the Platform

Immediately move away from the edge of the platform, protect your head, and do not stand under hanging objects.

Falling onto tracks

When Falling onto tracks

If you accidentally fall onto the track from the platform and the train is about to enter the station, you can hide in the "emergency refuge space" under the edge of the platform. Please lean sideways and press your body against the wall, and wait calmly for the train to leave the station before getting out of trouble . If you cannot escape by yourself, call for help.

Due to the narrow platform of some Taiwan Railway stations, accidents are prone to occur. Please be sure to walk or stand within the yellow line, and do not use your mobile phone while walking.

When Someone Falls onto the Tracks

Please press the emergency stop button immediately, or notify the station staff.

Evacuation Guidelines for Terrorist Attacks

Indiscriminate Attack in a Train

Please press the emergency button in the car immediately, keep calm and move in a safe direction. Do not stimulate the criminals, and use the objects around you (such as: fire extinguishers, umbrellas) to protect yourself and the people around you.

Wartime Guidelines

Take Trains in Wartime

Traveling by train in wartime is risky, because the railway may be one of the enemy's targets. When driving at night, it may be necessary to turn off the lights, and it is forbidden to use all items that expose the light source, so as not to become the target of attack. Please abide by the wartime-related regulations and precautions announced by the government. If you suddenly encounter a station or a train is under attack, please remain calm, follow the guidance of the station staff, and evacuate to the nearest wartime shelter.

For air defense evacuation facilities in Taiwan, please refer to "Special Area for Air Defense Evacuation and Refuge of the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior