These Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") govern the terms and conditions governing the use of LiveTRA (hereinafter referred to as the "Product") by users.


  1. "Content" means text, audio, music, pictures, videos, software, programs, codes and other information.
  2. "Individual Terms of Use" means the terms and conditions published or uploaded by LiveTRA as "Terms", "Guidelines", "Policies", etc., relating to the Service but different from these Terms.

Consent to the Terms

  1. Users shall use the service in accordance with the provisions of these terms. Unless the user agrees to the terms, the service may not be used.
  2. When there are individual terms of use applicable to this service, in addition to these terms, users should also use this service in accordance with the provisions of the individual terms of use.

Changes to Terms

  1. The terms of this service may be changed within the scope of the purpose of this service in accordance with relevant laws or regulations when necessary. If there is any relevant change, the content of the change and the effective date of this clause will be announced on this product website.
  2. Changes to these Terms will be effective on their effective date.


  1. LiveTRA respects the privacy of its users.
  2. LiveTRA according to LiveTRA Privacy Policy , Properly handle the user's privacy information and personal information.


LiveTRA uses Google AdSense to intersperse third party advertisements within its content. For inappropriate ad content, please report or block the ad on the upper right corner of the ad displayed by Google AdSense.


LiveTRA content uses the train arrival data provided by the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of China "Transportation Data Distribution Service Platform (TDX)" and Taipei MRT Corporation as the data source. When there is a gap between the data source and the actual situation, or the user's network environment is not good, and the latest data cannot be obtained smoothly, resulting in the user's loss, this product will not be responsible for it.

User Responsibilities

Users shall bear the risks and responsibilities of using this service.

Prohibited Matters

  1. Decode the source code of this service through reverse engineering, decompilation or other means to achieve unreasonable purposes or through unfair means.
  2. Support or facilitate the behavior described above
  3. Conduct that LiveTRA reasonably judges to be inappropriate.
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